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journal amigos lineup the girl ★ je t'aime
☆ くるま~zuma! ☆
~ The key is hung.

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music: le ciel -- malice mizer

rev ur engines
 I don't journal here anymore.  If you want to continue reading my shit, go to my blog

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rev ur engines
 ~ Thunderclap from a clear sky.

A girl sitting at a window.  Performing Evelyn in a cathedral in England for school children.  Horses the color of copper.  A man with a speech impediment named Clarence.

What little I remember of my dreams last night was strangely mundane.  I remember a man so talented with ice skating that he could carve people's names into the ice with the tip of his skate.  I was upset because he chose Noelle's name instead of mine.

I remember colors.  Bright, beautiful colors.

Sliding through the halls at a terrifying speed whilst linking arms with Alex and David as though we too were on ice.  When I mentioned the heightening speed to David, he brought us to an abrupt stop.  I think I had been afraid that a cop was going to pull us over and give us a ticket for speeding.

Maybe that last part wasn't so mundane.

When I told Clarence--the man with the speech impediment I had mentioned earlier--that my name is Katie, he said, "Mary." I wondered how he could know my first name and insisted that it was Katie.  After seeing the look on his face, I caved in and admitted that people call me Katie although my real name is Mary. "See?" He said in a way that looked as though he was about to bite his tongue off. "I knew you looked like a Mary."

For some reason I was the only one who could understand his impediment.

Everything was so harmless... Everything was so safe.

There was one moment in a western scene (That was the scene with the horses.  They were all being forced to run in a continuous circle.  One of the russet colored ones had stopped near me so I could pet her.  Silk under my fingertips.  She was forced to move on.  Another horse stopped as though aching for me to touch that beautiful, long nose...) when a man was shooting his pistol.  A bit more haphazardly than I would have liked.  He saw that I was ducking, afraid to be hit by his bullets, and snapped a shot right past my face.  He smiled and gestured toward the wooden wall--looked like a barn door--he had hit.  It was confetti.  The shape of a flower.

I felt warm.  No nightmares.  No figures lurking in the shadows with the intent to hurt me.

So harmless.  So safe.

mood: calm calm

rev ur engines